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In Munny

By Fiona Ng

Grey Warden Micro Munnys

On 03, Oct 2013 | In Munny | By Fiona Ng

After making my Grey Warden Mini Munny, I received a few requests to make some 2.5″ micro versions.

Instead of sculpting each helmet and armor, I decided to make some molds of the original sculpt. (At this point I forgot to take photos of the mold making and resin casting processes… Anyway, it was really messy.) But here’s the first completed one, minus the paint:

While making casts, I ended up with one helmet that wasn’t exactly the way I wanted it, but still good enough to be put to use as something else. So instead of giving it the Grey Warden armor paint job, I made a battle-damaged one with a paint job based off of the blood dragon armor design from Dragon Age: Origins: