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In Munny

By Fiona Ng

The Warden’s Rose

On 22, Aug 2013 | In Munny | By Fiona Ng

For this particular Micro Munny, I wanted to create a scene where a knight/warrior would be sitting down in the grass, or by the water, or something else like that. Decided it would be enclosed in a Kilner jar,  with a grass-covered (fake moss) base and the Munny inside.

Wanted to make the helm design loosely inspired by a visored barbute. Here’s the sculpt of the complete helmet (after chopping off its ears):


For the body, I cut off the legs and stuffed it with aluminum foil and used Apoxie to sculpt the bottom and stuck the feet back on.


Getting some nice bronze/rusted paint…


…a sword and shield…


…and the rose and moss.

At this point, I forgot to take photos of the process for making the base in the jar. The plan was to have the bottom of the jar completely covered with something that resembled dirt. My first attempt, where I used air-dry clay failed horribly. I forgot that air-dry clay shrinks and ended up having a wad of dried clay sitting in the middle of the jar.

So I started over and searched around and found a jar of neon-colored sand and thought, “Hm, what if I mixed this sand with Mod Podge?” Had no idea what would happen, but decided to do it anyway. Also mixed in some brown, gold, and other colors that would, hopefully, look like dirt and ended up with…a strange gooey mixture. So, stuck this gooey mixture in the jar and hoped it would harden. It did eventually. 🙂 Now I could glue in the fake moss.


And then I put all the pieces together:



Portfolio page: The Warden’s Rose